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Matamba is a creative studio dedicated to handmade design. They create fashion and decoration pieces through co-creation with different artisan communities in Colombia. Their approach combines ancestral knowledge and contemporary design to create essential, transformative and timeless products.


Each piece is a tribute to its identity and craft. Matamba values time, processes and the beauty of the handmade, maintaining a creative dialogue with the artisans that allows a balance between tradition and innovation.


The faces behind Matamba are Jennibeth Iguarán, an industrial designer, and Juanita Gil, a fashion and textile designer. They met while working with artisan communities for 4 years. They traveled through different territories exploring traditions, crafts, techniques and raw materials of Colombia. After this joint experience, Matamba was born to continue highlighting and preserving the craft of the country.


Fique Tote

The Fique Tote is a bag knitted with the crochet technique with the natural fique fiber. It was co-created with the artisans of Curití, Santander, located in the northeast of Colombia in the Andean region. The bag takes approximately 3 days to be woven.

Telar Tote

The Telar Tote is made by local artisans of San Jacinto Bolivar, who are dedicated to the craft of weaving using the vertical loom technique. It is inspired by the stripes of the traditional hammocks to bring the flavor, color and joy that characterizes the pride for the traditional craft.

Fique Rug

The Fique Rug is a braided carpet made from the natural fique fiber and woven in a vertical loom. By knotting and braiding several threads of fique the carpet gets its typical braided style. Depending on the size a piece can take between two weeks and one month.

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Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-27 um

We are an online design store rooted in Colombia and based in Switzerland.

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