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Ivonne Cardenas, the founder and creator of Amana and the new "Sueños de Colombia" ("Dreams of Colombia") bag collection, employed the traditional Wayuu weaving and crocheting technique for this collection.


This technique has been practiced for hundreds of years by the Wayuu indigenous group residing in the Guajira peninsula of northern Colombia. Ivonne had the privilege of learning this ancient technique directly from members of the Wayuu community. This method allows for the fusion of vibrant colors and intricate geometric designs, embodying the rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu people.

Additionally, the collection draws inspiration from the diverse and vivid hues found in Colombia’s array of colorful birds.

Her passion lies in crafting distinctive designs and sharing the weaving culture. Each bag she creates is a unique piece, reflecting the uniqueness within all individuals.

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Sueños de Colombia" ("Dreams of Colombia")
The Colombian Wayuu "mochila" is more than just a bag. It's a vibrant tale woven into threads. Each mochila tells a unique story through its colorful patterns and intricate designs.

The process involves weaving strands of yarn using a small crochet hook, patiently bringing to life the vibrant colors and geometric shapes that adorn these bags.

Beyond their stunning appearance, mochilas serve a practical purpose. They are versatile and durable, used by both men and women for carrying daily essentials. But beyond their utility, these mochilas carry the rich heritage of Colombian traditions.

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