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Our story

Here at Jooki it is our passion to discover great Colombian design and to bring back meaning to the things around us.


The things we buy and surround ourselves with can make our lives richer when we are able to create an emotional bond with them. But as mass production offers endless solutions for everything, the things we buy lose meaning and so does our connection to them. Our purpose is to bring back meaning to the things around us by offering you a place where you can connect with the people, the stories and the roots behind design objects.

The word Jooki translates to “flashlight” in Wayúu, the language of the indigenous Wayúu people living on the Guajira Peninsula, the northernmost part of Colombia and Venezuela. Jooki is the flashlight that we take with us to discover the unknown and the hidden.


We handpick our collection, cutting through the clutter to bring you authentic and high-quality Colombian design. We feature small, curated and limited product editions from upcoming and well-established Colombian designers and craftsmen with the promise to accompany you for a while. We provide a platform for Colombian designers, artists and artisans to tell their stories and share their work with you.


Handpicked and handcrafted

We are an online design store rooted in Colombia and based in Switzerland.

© 2020 by Jooki.

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