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Fango represents origin and culture. This Colombian design studio tells us stories about simple objects that honor tradition and craftsmen.


Fango takes cultural traditions and human behaviour as the starting point to design pieces that create a dialogue between craft and technology. 


Francisco Jaramillo is in charge of the Fango brand’s creative process. His approach to design comes from his own experiences. He believes that objects have a strong link to culture and that is why he is convinced that they carry a "soul" with them.


Francisco is based in Medellin, Colombia. 


El Corista

El Corista  was born from an error, showing us how a mistake can be turned into an opportunity for design. One day while polishing one of their famous milk jugs in the studio, Francisco broke its bottleneck. From that error El Corista (The Chorister) was born – a flower vase that has the shape of a singing mouth.


El Corista comes in two different series of colours. The first series features Fango’s typical earthy and nature inspired colour tones. The second series, exclusively created for Jooki, features vivid colours that represent Colombia’s vibrant and dynamic culture.  


This limited edition has 30 pieces hand-numbered by Francisco. 


We are an online design store rooted in Colombia and based in Switzerland.

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