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Perla Pacífica

Perla Pacífica is a creative project created by the Colombian artist and fashion designer Paulina Pacífica, who makes products that transform art into everyday items.

The origin of Perla is a sea that bears many fruits, and Pacífica is the root of its creation, as she inhabited and created her utopia of imagination in this place from a very young age.

By invoking the consciousness of the spirit through matter, Perla Pacífica creates a femininity of free spirit, a poetry of colors, natural and dreamlike forms that envision a freer and more authentic future. Art can change the way we see the world and help us inhabit it in a more tolerant, more loving way.

That’s why she believes that the best objects are those that express the essence of being and should be part of our daily lives, beyond trends and temporality.

For Perla Pacífica, it is very important that each creation is accompanied by meaning, that it tells a story or connects with a more spiritual experience. This way, objects become a kind of amulet.

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SOLUNA was Perla Pacífica's first collection, which opened the space for this symbolic universe. It represents the energy of the sun and the moon, masculine and feminine integrated within being and the whole.

When the sun and the moon meet, the static becomes motion. Vibrations, eclipses, electric discharges, until the orbits align. The only outcome from there is the continuous dance between these two energies.

Dualities are very important in their representations, as yin and yang are the two fundamental energies that compose the creation of the universe and the existence of everything.

This collection has been one of the most significant collections as it is connected to a meditative journey, a meditation podcast that she created together with several artist friends so that people can understand its meaning and experience the concept while listening to it.

ReverdeSer is represented in her illustrations as the eternal symbiosis between humans and plants. It invites us to transcend being through a voluntary immersion with nature and to acquire a new greenness from within.

All ReverdeSer products come with a postcard that contains the direct link to the meditation podcast, so that everyone can be connected in this rebirth.

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We are an online design store rooted in Colombia and based in Switzerland.

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