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Innata is a creation of Laura and Kira, two friends who met with the same idea in 2011.


Innata started with a single product, developing from it a mystical and natural concept, with which they sought to exalt the treasures of the earth and tell the story behind each of them.


It was the wonderful world of stones that captured their attention, the transversal symbolism Laura and Kira have found along the way and their romantic and simple look that ended up building this story they call INNATA.


Innata comes from the word innate, which means "that which comes by nature with everyone or that which will always be carried". From their ideology they interpreted it as the inheritance we all receive from the universe, understanding that we are all interwoven as an energy system that makes us one.


They find in the stones those little treasures that make us understand and live the connection with the earth, as the minerals that compose them that are part of our body and at the same time of the stars, we also find in the symbols that surround us signs of the universe where everything has a purpose and a reason.


They believe that magic exists and so do the messages from the universe. They are here to read them, interpret them and materialize them through each of their treasures.



For Innata it is very important the quality of the materials they use and thus ensure that their pieces are treasures that last over time. They want to promote conscious and responsible consumption, generating longer life cycles for their treasures.



Innata works with 950 silver, an alloy composed of 95% silver and 5% copper. Silver is a soft and very white material which makes it malleable at the time of being worked and beautiful as a mirror. 



Innata works with recycled 18K gold for their custom pieces.



Innata is working with natural and genuine stones that they select with care and intention. The design studio Innata values the natural forms of the stones and they recognize the difference in their beauty. The stones come from different parts of the world because the minerals change in each soil, they look for special shapes and carvings that allow them to make unique and special pieces.



Their jewelry processes are artisanal and careful, made with love and patience.

Innata works with a team of local artisans highly qualified to work with precious stones and metals.


We are an online design store rooted in Colombia and based in Switzerland.

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