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The Flight of the Serpent.

We have received the story that tells us that the universe was created by a beautiful serpent that danced in the sky, her dual nature could create the world and with the same impetus destroy it. She was the gem of cycles, the fertilizer of life. From her earthly and limited body, feathers sprouted like flowers falling from the dark firmament to remind men of her divine essence, her cosmic nature.


When this creature left the earth, she became a star, promising to be the first star of the evening and the last to shine after sunrise - Venus.



950 silver with 24 K gold plating (nickel free).

Dimensions: Internal diameter of 18 mm



Associated with the sun, power, success, wisdom, and healing. It is said that wearing gold provides protection, keeps away envy and bad energies, also transforms negative energies into positive ones, and enhances self-confidence and self-esteem.



Innata wants your treasures to always remain beautiful:


– Keep in mind that jewelry pieces are delicate and should be treated with care and attention.


– Avoid wearing your jewelry on these occasions: When showering, playing sports, going to the pool/beach, or while sleeping.


– It is important to store your jewelry separately from each other so that the stones or metals do not scratch each other.


– With daily use the jewelry may change color depending on your sweat, each person is different.


– Environmental factors such as humidity or excessive heat can alter the color.


– Avoid contact of your jewelry with creams, perfumes, chlorine, or sea salt.


– You can shine the surface of our jewelry with a traditional jewelry tissue.


CHF 120.00Price
  • Your order will be shipped from December 10, 2022 and therefore arrives in time before Christmas.

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